“Energetic and highly entertaining.

Tim has the ability to captivate any audience.”


How do we make our conversations matter?

What are the best ways we share and learn from each other?  

One to one, in our small business, corporate and government, as a local, national or international community member and participant.

Let’s have a conversation today about how we can work together to create an effective and memorable event and experience for you, your team, stakeholders and your guests.

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Tim Shaw is an award winning journalist with 25 years working in the Australian and international media as a host, presenter, commentator, producer, MC and keynote speaker.

He serves as a member of the federal parliamentary press gallery and a board member and director of The National Press Club of Australia.

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Your calm authority as moderator of the panel was appreciated by our expert guests and the audience engagement with Q and A was terrific.

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How Does Tim Make An Impact For You?

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The Interview

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The Master of Ceremony

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The Panel Host

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The Facilitator

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The Awards Host

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The Keynote Address


Who Tim Works With



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