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How Tim Impacts Your Audience

The Interview

Tim has had thousands of conversations with people. Whether it is the Prime Minister, The Ambassador or the youth activist, that conversation is a moment to engage and share with your audience using the media of choice. They can be a series of podcasts, video or live social media events integrated into your current media strategy or for your conference event.

Tim invu PM Malcolm Turnbull.jpeg

PM Malcolm Turnbull + Tim Shaw at The Lodge in Canberra, February 2019.

We spoke about all of the current issues of the day, but we sat in the sunniest room of this historic home. What I discovered was what he and Lucy had done to restore the sun to what they enjoyed as the ‘breakfast room’.

Tim invu Thai Ambassador.jpg

The Thai Ambassador to Australia Her Excellency Mrs Nantana Sivakua

The Thai Ambassador to Australia Her Excellency Mrs Nantana Sivakua discusses the Australian heroes who rescued the soccer players from the Thai caves.

Tim Boardroom.jpg

Will Thinzar Shunlei Yi be the next generation leader of her nation Myanmar

Will Thinzar Shunlei Yi be the next generation leader of her nation Myanmar. We spoke during her visit to Canberra where she wanted to understand how the Australian media operated.

 the master of ceremony

Keeping it to time and ensuring there is engagement and energy in the room however large or small the audience. You know what effort and investment went into the planning for the event, now it’s over to the skill of an experienced MC to bring your event to life.

At a recent event the smoke machines set off the fire alarms in the building which then took out the entire audio system. Fast thinking required Tim to keep the event going and flowing and importantly how do we catch up time (which they did) after the ‘smoke had cleared’

 the panel host

Making a business event more than just a meal is a terrific way to engage stakeholders and guests to attend, particular with questions from the floor or prepared earlier. Ministers past and present, business leaders who share experience even if it is Chatham House rules! You need a panel host that can steer the conversation and keep it on track and on time.

Tim MC with Peter Costello.jpg

PWC Federal Budget Breakfast Panel

Former Federal Treasurer Peter Costello now Chairman of Nine Entertainment Limited was terrific at a Federal Budget Breakfast panel discussion. Tim shared an idea for a new game show idea for TV – Treasurers Island, where the Federal Treasurer and the opposition spokesperson were at each end of the island vying for the best set of numbers to return Australia to surplus (We think it’s still on the drawing board.)


Being able to discuss new strategies ahead of the board or policy signing off, making sure the content and recommendations fit the brief. Looking from the stakeholder perspective and engaging in role play scenario to challenge the mindset and the methodology. Considering what’s working, what’s not and perfecting your pitch to your ideal audience.

Tim Hosts press club address.jpg

Facilitating Pill Testing Address at The National Press Club of Australia

Facilitating the pill test address at the National Press Club of Australia with Matt Noffs & former AFP commissioner Mick Palmer.

Photo credit Lyn Mills

The Awards Host

There is something really special about a room full of finalists who know they have come together to celebrate their industry contribution. We know the star performers are recognised by winning awards.  Tim wants everyone to feel like they are a winner, for just being there, and sharing that success with others. That’s why he loves hosting awards!


Australian Training Awards with The Hon. Michaelia Cash

Federal Minister for Employment Skills Small and Family Business, Senator The Hon. Michaelia Cash presenting at the Australian Training Awards

The Keynote Address

Let’s talk about a keynote address that delivers the take home messages for the participants, tailored to the theme of the conference and the business strategy to engage stakeholders and clients. Let’s make sure we tick off those objectives together. Ask Tim about his current keynote titled  “3:48”.



Timing is everything


“The way you hosted the awards was sensational, you made everyone in that room feel like a winner and importantly aspire to become one next year.”